• Reached top 4% of international Short Fiction competition: (More details soon)
  • Ahead of the Game (Sein und Werden): (You can buy immortality — but not love)
  • The Inheritance: Reprinted in DBND Anthology ‘Ghost Stories for Starless Nights’. Buy it here:
  • Long-listed in William Van Dyke Short Story Prize: One of 20 semi-finalists from over 400 entries — nice to know, so thank you to the judges and readers at Ruminate Magazine!


  • Creative hiatus: 2018 and the first part of 2019 were difficult, mainly due to bereavements. The consequent gap in productivity from this period is apparent . . .


  • Long-listed in a very prestigious competition: “We don’t publish an official long-list for the award and, whilst your entry didn’t make the official shortlist, we and the judges want to let you know that it did make the top 60, from almost 1000 entries, which is a huge achievement.”
  • Help Marcus (Lighthouse Literary Journal): (Deception or self-deception or both? The perils of ambiguity . . . )
  • Runner-up in Ink Tears Short Story Prize: (Full list of winners here)
  • Special Mention in Galley Beggar Short Story Prize: (“We also have a number of special mentions, for several stories which didn’t make it onto the longlist but had a fan – or fans – on the judging panel”: Tweeted here )
  • Board Stiff (Hypnos): (My attempt at an old-style ghost story —  set in the English winter, but seasoned with a dash of Jamaican darkness)


  • Seeing John (Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual; finalist in 2017 Award)(There’s nothing crueller than children)
  • Story long-listed for Brighton Prize: (Now revised and submitted elsewhere)
  • Hue and Cry (Chroma Magazine): (Unspeakable colour! But not always uneatable?)
  • In Memoriam (Sci Phi Journal): (If selfhood is a thing made from memories, would capturing an entire set of memories create a thing that is self-aware?)
  • Jeopardy ad Absurdum (Sci Phi Journal): (Are we more than the sum of our parts? If not, which part holds the locus of moral responsibility? How much of ourselves can we remove before we start to erode the ‘I’?)
  • The Speckled God (Unsung Stories): (Horror with a South Indian flavour: see here for reviews)


  • The Fisherman’s Wife (Structo): (Every Cornish port has its dark side)
  • Glass Half Empty (Literary Orphans): (When love has supped and left . . .) READ
  • Packed Lunch (Danse Macabre): (Okay, this is just horrible .  . . sorry)
  • Letting Go (Bookends Review): (That merciless sea again . . .)
  • Semper Tres, Semper Tristis (Sein und Werden): (The love triangle extended through time is like a spiral of corners, with the same characters trapped in the same corners — forever) 


  • Thirty-Five Dolls (Bohemyth): (Just be kind to people; little else matters) READ
  • The Butterfly Effect (Smokelong Quarterly): (The inability to forget can be worse than the loss of memory) READ
  • Scales (STORGY): (Even the smallest memories can return to whip their bearer with guilt)
  • In Vino Veritas (Danse Macabre): (Quel cepage!)
  • Lest You Remember (Madcap Review): (Messing with memories again — it never ends well)
  • The Inheritance (Hypnos): (I suppose you could call this ‘Fenland regeneration’ . . . in any case, an homage to M.R. James)
  • Another’s Place (Apeiron Review): (A tourist’s story . . . from the backwaters of South India. What does it mean? All shall be revealed; soon)
  • Sennen Coven (Hypnos): (Once again, the split sternum of Cornwall reveals a black, black heart)